Making Work Fun Again

                    A Program That Helps You Feel Better, Be More Engaged and Have More Fun at Work Michael Greenwood and Brad Gerard When was the last time you were energized and fully engaged at work? For far too many people, that is a hard question to … Continue reading “Making Work Fun Again”

Biologic Drugs a Growing Issue

In 2013 biologics became a hot topic for benefit programs.  These drugs are marketed as being able to treat severe chronic conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn’s disease, psoriasis, and many more.  For those suffering from these severe conditions, biologics can drastically improve quality of life; however, these drugs come at an enormous cost for … Continue reading “Biologic Drugs a Growing Issue”

Is Your Organization Being Hurt By the Knowledge Worker Syndrome

“The Stress Epidemic at Work” and “Is Work Killing You?” are just two examples of recent publications reflecting growing concern over an emerging challenge that impacts both employee well being and corporate profitability. Fortune, Forbes, Huffington Post and the Globe & Mail are all talking about the adverse impact of stress in the workplace. If … Continue reading “Is Your Organization Being Hurt By the Knowledge Worker Syndrome”