The Pelorus Difference

You benefit from a disciplined discovery process

First comes the research required to understand your business, workforce and unique set of challenges. Auditing existing programs gives you a sense of the success of your investment and where your money could be better spent.

We benchmark against other firms competing for the same employee pool to see where you are gaining or falling short in structuring your benefits. Research confirms that employee benefits are increasingly influencing an employee’s job search process.

We become your “eyes and ears”

Our experienced professionals provide you and your team with peace of mind. Membership in professional associations and our extensive network helps us become your “eyes and ears” so that you don’t get left behind.

We are a source of fresh ideas and important information

We regularly survey suppliers, plan sponsors and monitor industry trends through tradeshows, seminars and publications to keep you informed of emerging opportunities.

Our benchmarking process helps identify gaps and opportunities in your business to help you achieve your goals.

Simplify your program administration

We simplify complex issues such as coverage, renewals and risks associated with benefit plans to free you and your team to focus on your business.

Regularly scheduled meetings, calls and emails keep you informed, but never overwhelmed.

Meticulous program administration, combined with gap analysis identifies opportunities for cost savings, reduced risk and program enhancement for employees.

You benefit from responsive, knowledgeable client service support that resolves issues before they become problems.